The 12 days of Christmas Are Almost Here!

Join us as the Christmas season begins on Christmas Eve at 6:00pm and Christmas Day at 10:45am.

The world has been hyping up Christmas the last couple months, enticing you with shopping deals and talking about the need for peace and everyone getting along. But it is precisely because everyone cannot get along that the priceless gift of Jesus Christ was born in stable. You do not earn this forgiveness nor do you accept it, it is a gift of God, so that no one may boast. This is why Christmas is celebrated, the gift of Christ has been given to the world. It is not about gathering with your personal family it is about receiving God’s gift given to the World, Jesus, who has saved us from our sins. This is why you bring your family to church on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. It is the opportunity to gather with fellow saints and build one another up. He is born to die.

The Christmas season ends with the Epiphany of our Lord on January 6 as the magi from the east show us that Jesus didn’t just die for the Jews but for the gentiles as well as they bring their gifts of thanksgiving to the King who born to save us. This year Epiphany falls on a Saturday but we will observe it on January 3 at 6pm due to pastor’s National Guard chaplaincy obligations that weekend.

Don’t hurry to end the Christmas celebration! Keep Christ’s incarnation at the forefront of your mind and come to church each Sunday too. We have Bible Study and Sunday School at 9:45am followed by the Divine Service at 10:45am as our Lord continues to deliver his free gift of forgiveness each Lord’s day as we receive the gifts for which he was born to deliver through his death as we rejoice in his great love toward us.

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