Lutheran Women’s Missionary League-Caring for Others by Partnering with Chaplains.

On April 22, women from our LCMS congregations in Northeast Arkansas gathered together to be encouraged by one another for a LWML zone rally, held here at Hope.  A quick history of the LWML (Lutheran Women’s Missionary League) reminds us that it was founded on July 7, 1942.  This was seven months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and as millions of men were volunteering and being drafted to fight women around the United States desired to join together to help in the mission to proclaim Christ and support mission work.  This wonderful auxiliary organization of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod still continues to work hard to support and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and his salvation for us, as well as to provide works of mercy for many more. 

One thing the LWML has done every year is to gather together (a rally) in the spring and fall to encourage one another and to be taught together in their zones—groups of churches.  At our spring rally, those who came gathered first to pray the daily office of Matins with Pastor Heinecke and were led in Bible Study by Pastor Kirk Neugebauer.  We were privileged to have as our guest presenter Chaplain (LtC) Steven Hokana (retired), who works in the Ministry to the Armed Forces for our synod. He came to speak to the important work that our approximately 160 chaplains do.    

Also, for each rally, the host church picks a project to support.  In February, 450 soldiers of the 2-153 INF Battalion was deployed to Southwest Asia.  Included in that group are approximately 100 soldiers from Company B in Batesville.  In our desire to serve the men and women deployed we chose to put together care packages to send to the soldiers.  In so doing, we hope that they will know we care for them and are thankful for them as they care for our country by defending our right to the freedom of religion and upholding the stability of the world.  The ladies gathered items from socks to candy which are all things soldiers do not have readily available to them while deployed.  Seven large boxes were filled and were sent out yesterday for them to enjoy. 

One last word on the gathering of mission mites.  Since the creation of the LWML, they have raised over 100 million dollars nationally.  During this past Biennium which concluded in March, the LWML raised nearly 2.5 million which was over the goal of 2.15 million! This does not include what each district and congregation does as well.  For example, our own Mid-South district is in the middle of its Biennium and has raised $75,000 of its current $105,000 goal. 

Thanks be to God for such faithful individuals to care for the needs of others and give opportunity for the proclamation of the Gospel.

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