Little Rock Tornado Clean Up

Our Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT) that was just certified in January had a group go down to Little Rock for our first deployment last week. We helped with the cleanup of dozens of tornadoes that wreaked havoc on the city and surrounding Suburbs on March 31. Our team gathered with people from Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Tennessee and other states to assist in recovery.

It is difficult to show in pictures how devastating the destruction and loss. Our team helped multiple homes clean up so many large trees that had fallen caused damage to homes. We also had the opportunity to visit with some of the homeowners and simply be an ear to allow people to vocalize the thoughts that continue to go through their minds. It was also a privilege to deliver a message of hope to those dealing with such great loss.

Then, afterwards, through the generosity of many, Our Mid-South District LERT has also been able to provide $1000s in gift cards to many homeowners. This helps offset hotel and food costs as so many of these homes were still without power three weeks after the storm despite the amazing work of the power companies to get in and spend long hours restring power lines. Consider giving to this continuing work by going to our Mid-South District website here for more information. If you are interested in being part of LERT and helping people check out our LCMS Disaster Response.

Here is just a sampling of pictures from the response.

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