Lutheran Early Response Team

In January of 2023 our congregation formed the first LCMS Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT) in Arkansas.  The purpose of these teams is to assist the LCMS Disaster Response and Relief by providing teams from churches around our synod.  In caring for our community, our region, and our nation.  Ways in which we serve include our compassionate care in mucking out homes after a flood, assisting in clean up after tornadoes, earthquakes, winter storms or other natural disasters.  We can even assist in mercy projects when there are no disasters, but simply a need for urgent help.

We believe this is a critical area of fellowship as we serve our neighbors and especially important in Arkansas with the ever-present problem of tornadoes, flooding, and other storm disasters as well as the New Madrid fault line that extends down into northeastern Arkansas, our desire is to be prepared to serve our neighbors to the best of our ability.

To join this group, or if you are in need of a project to be done, please contact our church office.  

LERT is part of the LCMS Lutheran World Relief and Human Care.  You can learn more about these efforts here: