Holy Week Services

This week is the highlight of the Christian faith. It is no surprise then that there are many opportunities to gather together to hear the Word of God and the good news of Christ’s work of Salvation for us. We invite you to join us for all our services this Holy WeekApril 3-9

Monday, 8:30am Matins (John 12)
Tuesday, 8:30am Matins (Passion of Christ according to Mark)
Wednesday, 8:30am Matins (Passion of Christ according to Luke)
Thursday, 7:00pm Holy Thursday (with Holy Communion)
Friday, 7:00pm Good Friday Tenebrae (Service of darkness)
Saturday, 7:00pm Easter Vigil (with Holy Communion)
Sunday, 10:45am The Resurrection of Our Lord (with Holy Communion)

Also on Sunday you are invited to come to Easter breakfast starting at 9:00am and there will be an Easter egg hunt for the children after service.

For an explanation on the historic practice of closed communion please go here: http://hopelutheranbatesville.org/what-we-believe/

We hope you will take the opportunity to join us as we remember what Jesus came to do and why he came to do it for without Jesus’ death for our sins there is no resurrection

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